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Edmée Leal

Edmée Leal's lifetime passion for writing started at a young age and matured as she became a young woman,, met her husband and raised her family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Drawing inspiration from her faith, family, the people and places and her formative years as well as life's twists and turns. Edmée's work tenderly embraces the resourceful nature of the human spirit seeking to make its way through the world.

In this, her first published work, she has offered a glimpse into a lifetime of writing, imagining, witnessing and being. She has written hundreds of poems and short stories, which still patiently await publication.

Edmée has for over three decades made her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she continues to write.


It's never too late for the eyes

That see and wonder,

The mind that imagines
And creates,
And the heart that soars

At every possibility.

Edmée Leal

May 30, 1997

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